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SFCoE Member Registration

Please register your interest in joining the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers and also acknowledge that STARFLEET can use any work produced under the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers banner as STARFLEET needs.

Ownership of Work Products.(Required)
You acknowledge that any work done for STARFLEET International (SFI), while working within the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers, to include; completed work, master files, drafts and other items toward this effort belong, in part, to STARFLEET International. SFI retains the right to use and edit any submitted works for SFI’s business purposes in perpetuity. All submitted artwork ownership is also maintained by the submitter/worker/artist for the purposes of their portfolio. You, of course, can show off and iterate your work elsewhere - but you cannot pull rights to use of anything that was submitted/collaborated on from SFI. Submission of work includes any communications in official channels (emails, discord, various forms, etc.) - and other collaboration spaces. Further all files; completed, master and drafts should have copies stored in appropriate SFI shared drives (cloud storage), and you (as either artist or leader) promise to make every effort to ensure these practices are observed.
Use of directed communications platforms and tools(Required)
Member agrees to use directed communications and project management tools. Most SFCoE communications and coordination presently utilize Discord, and as such you agree to participate on that platform. In the future various program management and project tools will be available. You agree to use all the required and directed tools for any project you are assigned to.
Please provide your Discord ID. You will be sent a link to join, but this helps us sort out who has arrived.