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Welcome to the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers Web Site!

“Making the impossible function!”

The mission of STARFLEET Corps of Engineers is simple: to serve as an advisor, assist in production and act as a resource for the members throughout STARFLEET. We are the doers and makers of STARFLEET. Need a new logo for your ship? Talk to us. Looking for help with your chapter website? Talk to us. We have several departments that specialize in Graphics, 3D, and costuming, if you need it, talk to us.
Unlike other auxiliaries we don’t run competitions or challenges, we are there to serve the fleet, if you request it we can help.

Do you like doodling Trek starships or Klingon warbirds and making fascinating backstories for them, or do you prefer to model and render them in 3D programs? Are you wanting to make fleet websites and learn how to build and maintain those websites? Is your thing 3D printing phasers and other props and showing them off? Or are you more into making costumes and attending conventions? If any of these sound like a good time, the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers needs you! We are looking for crew that can do any of these things and more and who want to contribute to the SFI fleet at large. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then head out and fill our membership/interest form. 

 You can see some of our work on the EC pages and under the ‘SFI Graphics Repository’ section of the ‘Fleet Graphics Repository’ section of the Members Hub).