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Our History (So Far…)

First SFCoE logoIn July of 2022 BGEN. Jeremy Carsten drafted a proposal that wished:
To create a single place where the fleet, regions, and chapters have access to much needed resources. This will be divided into subdivisions based on various skill sets and needs.
The corps was formed in August of that year as a provisional auxiliary service led by CPT. Erin Poole and many crew were recruited after VIC 2022 and departments formed and staffed.
In February 2023 LCDR. Stephen Hebbend-Bach was made director due to CPT. Poole being needed elsewhere to serve the fleet.

In June 2023 with the membership growing the corps moved from a provisional to an established status.
This was a busy period setting up a ticketed help/ request system, the first draft of the engineers manual and an awards scheme all being roughed out.  Our logo was updated to reflect the new incoming branding guidelines.



At VIC2023 in August 2023 the admiralty board approved the corps moving to permanent status effective immediately.  In celebration an entirely new logo was devised to reflect that we were now a fully fledged service focused on serving the fleet and being true ‘engineers’